Round Table Collaboration

Round Table Collaboration

Retrospective: Seven Years of the Postal Collage Project

The Shuman Block

2571 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Reception: Saturday, the 25th of August 12 noon–9pm

By appointment through September

Retrospective: Seven Years of the Postal Collage Project

The first seven years of the Round Table Collaboration Postal Collage Project saw well over 500 collages created by more than 250 collaborators in 17 countries. Each collage having five independent authors, this is a remarkable display of human creativity and interaction.

For more about the process and principles of the Round Table method:

Also this: The Postal Collage Project No. 8 is now signing up collaborators.

All are welcome. Write to


Round Table Collaboration

Artists from all around the world collaborate by working on and sending pieces on to the next artist in line, ending up in California and exhibited in Berkeley University, Shuman Block Gallery; Ramons Taylor Gallery, San Francisco; in addition to those venues in 2014 the additional venue at the Louden Nelson Community Centre, Santa Cruz.

The Round Table Collaborations rounds 1 – 4 years (2011 – 2014) show the diverse works some initiated by Pennie Steel and worked on by four other collaborators from around the world.

The final images are often so different from the first image that it is hard to know how they started at all. That is the nature of the collaboration.

Each collaborator re names the work according to their input.

These final works have all be exhibited in California at two venues.

Round 5 starts this month and will be exhibited in those venues in March 2016.

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